Rooms Unlimited Furniture - 3 power recliners broke in 3 weeks


I purchased a power recliner and loveseat.Within 3 days the recliner broke down.

They replaced it. Two days later the foam in the seat pulled out and bunched up, and the bottom of it didn,t recline correctely, they had a man come to repair it. He repaired the seat, but couldn,t the bottom part, they replaced it. !

day later the foam in the seat bunched up again and pulled out. I ask for my money back, they said no, you get credit. I don,t want credit as the chair is *** and I don,t trust any of their others. They, Tim the manager said the 5 days was passed.

What a crock. One of the customer associates told me that is what happens when you buy and inexpensive chair.

Hows that for an answer.THE ROOMSTORE SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS.

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I must have priced the same sectional set made by Klaussner furniture in about a dozen stores.I was so tired of shopping.

I ended up here at Rooms Unlimited Furniture and couldn't believe the display of furntiure this store had. The store is gigantic. After weeks of wasting my time and getting frustrated with the salespeople and the driving, i ended up with something completely different. The selection at Rooms Unlimited Furniture in Medford doesn't compare to the other stores.

There is so much to choose from its almost dizzying. They had the set i was originally shopping for at a compatible price but the set i ended up with was just so much nicer. Glad i ding't give up. If you have no idea what you want, you should at least check this place out first.

You may save yourself a great deal of time and energy.Thanks to Rooms Unlimited Furniture, our house looks great.

Rooms Unlimited Furniture - Clearance merchandise

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I am a student at SCCC and am renting an apartment for the firest time.I noticed this store had a huge sale on clearance items.

I couldn't believe the deal they gave me on a sofa, bed, dresser, a cocktail table. Also a small dinette set. If you are a student looking for a bargain this is the place to go. I also posted this at the school.

Anything you buy from the clearance center you take with you or you can come back and pick it up.They will help you load it in your car or truck.



Good for you.The real question will be to see how long these items last.

After years and years of buying furniture, I have found that looking for quality out weighs the added cost. If something is built well, it will last far longer than the cheap stuff. But, for a student I think you got a really good deal.

When you have graduated think more about quality and workmanship.:)

Rooms Unlimited Furniture - Do not do business with rooms unlimited!

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I ordered a sectional sofa from rooms unlimited on Sept 24 2011...with an agreement of 12 weeks, that would be Dec 31,2011...still no sofa February 22, 2012..Every excuse in the world every time you call, it has been so long I forgot what the furniture even looks like!!!!!!!

Customer service so bad, Lies,Lies, Lies!!!!!!!!!

The employees are rude as well.......I contacted my bank as I had to give a deposit, used my debit card and they are going to pull mu money back to me by February 29 if no furniture has arrived..Do yourself a favor do not buy from Rooms Unlimited....................

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Rooms Unlimited Furniture - Rooms Unlimited Did not deliver on time horrible customer service

Smithtown, New York 1 comment

Rooms Unlimited in Medford, NY misleads customers and makes promises they will not keep when it comes to delivering furniture.We were told the livingroom set we ordered would be in within 8-12 weeks.

After 15 weeks we were still without the furniture and nobody could tell us why it was late or when it would be in. We tried to cancel the order but could not. Their customer service was rude and obnoxious--hanging up on us, yelling at us, and telling us it was not their problem.

When they finally delivered, we were last on day's list.Spiteful, obnoxious company!



Wevare going on six monthsvsince our 8-10 week order was placed.It should have been here in Sept.

When we didn't hear anything we called and they said October because they wouldn't accept the item from the manufacturer because of damage. Ok, fine. October then. Heard nothing in October.

We called them and repeat above. Told it would be ready in Nov. Repeat above. Didn't hear anything....

Now it's December.When asked why we never get contacted the response was, "I don't know."

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